I’m Eva Eunhye —
A UX designer crafting meaningful playgrounds for users to

explore, enjoy, and work in.
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About me

Hello, I'm Eva Eunhye Kim

I specialize in crafting meaningful playgrounds for users to explore, enjoy, and thrive in through User Experience design.

I currently hold the position of a UI/UX designer at Samsung Research America. I recently completed my master's degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, specializing in Interaction & UI/UX Design, focusing on human-centered design and user experience.

My goal is to cultivate enduring relationships with individuals, emphasizing collaboration and aligning the team's vision and goals when creating user-centric products. I derive great satisfaction from the design process, involving research, brainstorming, exploration, iterative design, and the collaborative effort within a team.

I find great joy in observing users develop a strong connection with services, integrating them seamlessly into their daily lives.


Designing in San Francisco 🇺🇸

☕️ Coffee lover (My favorite coffee at all times: Pumpkin Spiced Latte🎃)

🍦Yogurt lover (I love making my own Greek yogurt)

🌉 Love to explore new coffee places around

🎭 Watching and experiencing musicals and exhibitions are becoming my new habits these days!

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Want to create something awesome? Drop me an email.

→ kiimehdesigns@gmail.com